my summer project | rockville md newborn, baby, family photographer

I have been some what keeping up with my summer project of photographing my own littles more.  I specifically wanted to get more photos of my son who is 3 and is notoriously hard to capture unlike his sister who has always been a diva and loves the camera:)We went to the park and I took advantage of some special treats we had at home and bribed away (gotta do what you gotta do).  The promise of candy and some potty words (works every time) got me the images I wanted.  can’t wait to put some up!


the h family | rockville md newborn, baby, family photographer

How lucky am I?  I get to meet amazing families and snuggle with adorable babies for a living!  I feel so blessed to do what I do.  This little guy was not really interested in sleeping much or being moved around for his session but he sure was adorable either way:)  I have never had a newborn be so alert and make such great eye contact! 


Happy Birthday boys! |Rockville md newborn, baby, family photographer

A year ago one of my good friends and fellow photographer asked me to help her with a newborn twins session.  I immediately said yes because it’s not often you get to photograph twins and she had done such an outstanding job helping me with twins previously I owed her one:)  The session was amazing and the family was so great to work with.  When my friend was going to be out of town for their birthday party and Mom asked me to photograph it I jumped at the chance!  I don’t usually photograph events but I might have start photographing 1 year birthday parties because this was so fun:)  Wow! Mom did such an amazing job with the party!  I love the Dr Seuss theme…green eggs and ham deviled eggs, Lorax punch, red fish blue fish lemonade, etc…everything was just perfect. 

What better way to end a party than with a bath:)


Happy Birthday Grayson! | rockville md newborn, baby, family photographer

I can’t believe this sweet guy is 1 already!  I love 1 year old sessions and I especially love them when they are newborns I have photographed.  So fun to see how much they grow and change!  I photographed them at their lovely home in Montgomery County, they happen to have amazing light in the back yard (photographer’s dream!).  He REALLY loved his cake as you can see he was upset at the end when we took it from him:)  


the O family | rockville md newborn, baby, family photographer

I had the pleasure of photographing one of my gorgeous friends and her family recently!  Not only is she a great friend but she is a fabulous photographer as well, which makes it such an honor and also a bit nerve wracking:)   The colors she chose for the outfits were just perfect! 

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